Value-added Products

  • Call Center

    Call center, a smart customer service platform, is based on phone, fax, voice mail and messages, contributing organizations to share data automatically. It’s the best choice for investment to equip customer service center and SMS center.

  • Phone Secretary

    “Phone secretary” combines the function of caller ID and automatic call recording. It integrates phone with software . Contact ‘s information and related phone records can pop out with the aid of the setting. Besides, the phone history can be checked.

  • Group SMS

    The service is able to send the latest massages to customers when there are great events. At the same time, it is also an e-mail reminder, birthday reminder, and delivery reminder which enhance the corporate image.

  • Network Fax

    You can send and receive fax easily just via computer without any hardware devices. In the meantime, you can manage fax according to the mail reminder and SMS reminder. In conclusion, fax information and the result can be displayed in real time.

  • B2B Ordering Platform

    B2B ordering platform is based on invoicing (purchase-inventory-sales) management. It’s a bridge between manufacturers and distributors, checking on the progress of orders and ensuring the accuracy of delivery information.

  • B2C Ordering Platform

    It’s a kind of e-commerce management platform, suitable for online store/member/distribution, derived from Pmway CRM system. The platform makes e-commerce service more convenient and efficient.

  • Fingerprinting Login

    To ensure safety, we adopt fingerprinting verification. It integrates SSL transmission encryption, network identifier and fingerprinting identification. Fingerprinting login is the safest of all the login ways.

Implementation Services

  • Step1  Consultancy

    Pre-sale consultation, evaluate customer’s needs report, and implement mission book.

  • Step2  Start Up a Project

    Set up a project and build a team.

  • Step3  Business Research

    Send survey papers, confirm needs, provide solutions, demo confirmation, and implementation schedule.

  • Step4  System Settings

    Installation configuration, training, prepare data, data import, and secondary development confirmation.

  • Step5  Online Preparation

    System operation management, set up internal support system, permission allocation, and terminal user training.

  • Step6  Online Support

    Implementation acceptance, operation support, project summary, and after-sales service.