Pmway CRM

Pmway CRM, an intelligent platform, makes your management simpler!

Pmway has been focusing on CRM research and development for 10 years. We provide excellent CRM solutions for enterprises so that they can manage their customers well.
Our CRM supports mobile APP, helping you work easily and efficiently when you are out of office. You can log in smartphone or iPad.

Decision Analysis

Financial Management

Pre-sales Management

After-sales Management

Sales Management

Core Features

Customization :Design modules according to your needs. Show the flexibility and practicability of our system.

Multi- language :Support 26 kinds of languages

Multi-currency: Exchange currency easily

Group Management: Easy to manage divisions or departments for managers

B2B+B2C+WeChat CRM+ APP CRM: perfect combination of marketing and management


鹏为e5 鹏为e5标准版

Standard Version


Professional Version


Flagship Version


Group Version

Group Management × × ×
× ×
Module Custom ×
Field Custom
Page Layout
Layout Scheme × × ×
Process Customization ×
Custom Action × ×
Decision Analysis Custom × ×
Role Permission
Operator Permission
Data Strategy Permission × ×
Access Authorization Mechanism × ×
Warning Management
Event Management × ×
Queue Management × ×
Resource Pool Management
Business Implementation Management ×
Chart Management
Report Printing
System Log
Intranet Login Strategy
Extranet Login Strategy
Smart Backup Mechanism
SSL Encryption Transmission
Mobile Digital Certificate
EXE Client Login
Company × × ×
Personnel Transfer
Bulletin Board
Work Blog
Weekly Report
Monthly Report
Attendance Signature
To-Do List
Task Arrangement
Staff Dynamics
Custom Component
Performance Management ×
Knowledge Base
Customer Management
Channel Management
Supplier Management ×
Logistics Company ×
Product Profile
Price Center
Product Bundle ×
Product Alias
Serial No. Management × ×
Batch No. Management × ×
BOM Management × ×
Auxiliary Products Attribute × ×
Product Mapping Field × ×
Marketing Planning
Marketing Activity
Lead Center
Opportunities Management
Sample Business ×
Sales Forecasting × ×
Sales Business ×
Purchase Business ×
Price System
Business Change ×
Contract Management ×
Project Management × ×
Delivery Plan ×
Storage of Current Units ×
Warehouse Loss ×
Warehouse Overflow ×
Warehouse Check ×
Warehouse Allocation ×
Batch Center ×
Inventory Ledger ×
Collection & Payment Center ×
Billing & Receiving Center ×
Bank Transfer ×
Deposit & Withdrawal ×
Reimbursement Center ×
Expenses ×
Current Unit Charge ×
Current Unit Withdraw ×
Bank Ledger ×
Profit ×
Complaint Center
Service Work Order
Return Visit Service
Service Care
Service Plan
Decision Center
Report Center
Warning Center
To-Do Center
Audit Center
Sharing Center
Review Center
Attention Center
Reminder Center
Knowledge Base Center
Customized R&D ×
Cloud Data Mining
E-commerce API ×
System Docking ×
Mobile APP
B2C Platform ×
B2B Platform ×
C2C Platform ×
SMS Platform
Electronic Fax
Phone Secretary
Fingerprint Identification Instrument
Call Center
System Implementation ×